Individual Child Education Programme    

Programme Coordinators develop an individual educational programme specifically for your child in discussion with your child’s educator about the child’s interests and learning. This individual programme is based on the Te Whãriki, The New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum.

Children in care get to do lots of exciting things with their educators. They dance, listen to music, sing songs, do painting, baking, gardening… They learn lots of new skills like balance, hand-eye coordination, colour, measuring and lots more! They do different activities such as blocks, play dough, painting, books, puzzles, sand and water play, listening to stories, indoor & outdoor play,… thereby extending your child’s knowledge and helping lay the learning foundations for future!

Educators are guided to notice, recognise and respond to the child’s learning needs. They record the child’s learning in the child’s portfolio in the form of photos, art, craft… to show the learning process. Programme Coordinators also guide the educators to write learning stories for the children when they visit with the educator. They provide lots of support and help plan and develop activities and fun play ideas for the forthcoming month that will encourage your child to explore and discover new things. They review the Child portfolios and help source quality resources for the children for the forthcoming month.

“ Management and coordinators demonstrate commitment to their roles. Open communication and positive relations are evident. Professional learning and development opportunities are sought to lift capability. Children benefit from a range of learning experiences in educators’ homes and in the local community. Many attend Building Blocks playgroups and planned outings that provide new challenges and opportunities to socialise. The service and coordinators provide a wide variety of materials to support educators to develop learning experiences for the children. ”  Education Review Office October 2017

Licensing criteria for home-based ECE services.

Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008

ERO Report 2019

ERO Early Childhood Booklet